What you don’t know about me: My first photoshoot

It all started in 2008 when I was discovered by pair of fantastic people that I will never say enoough “Thank you” ;) But that is a story for the next time. My first, real photoshoot happened in Kraków, in 2009. Together with Krzysztof Lewiński, the photographer, we decided to be spontaneous and just work with what’s going to come along. As a result I got some really interesting …

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Make Up For Ever Beauty Kit- review

It is still not easy to me, to go back to the normal rhythm after Xmas ;) To stay a little bit longer in this holiday mood I would like to introduce you to one of the gifts I have received for this special occasion- Make Up For Ever Beauty Kit. It is a limited edition of the regular cosmetics that we can find in their shops. They advertise …

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Woody Ellen’s bags. Come in to the world of beauty. Interview with Ellen.

I found out about Woody Ellen ( in The Netherlands, during the Succubusnl Open day. I didn’t plan to buy a bag that day but it was love at first sight! I decided to visit the place where Woody Ellen’s masterpieces are created- her shop in Lovendegem, and buy some more of those amazing bags! I felt like a kid in a candy store! As a result of my …

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Things you don’t know about me- “New girl”

I discovered this show few months ago. I was sick at home, too tired to read, looking for something that will cheer me up. My boyfriend loves watching TV, I turn it only only when I am very desperate and that was the moment when I stumble upon Zooey Deschanel’s role as Jess. I watched one episode from the 2nd season and I noticed that it made me laugh, …

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Pin-up accessories- Hats and fascinators

I was always very hesitant if it comes to the hats and fascinators. I have never thought that I would know how to wear one and look good in it. Then after looking at all the photos of Acid Doll and Idda Van Munster I decided to buy one. It took me a while before I picked the one I really liked. I wanted something simple but special and …

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Interview with Joyce, the owner of an online store Succubus

succubus online store

Succubus is a shop I stumbled upon by “the accident” while searching for vintage/retro clothes and accessories. I say by accident because my reasearch was focused on Belgium not The Netherlands, where Succubus is based. When I saw the range they had I coudln’t resist myself and ordered few items. The thing you must know about me is: I hate shopping online! My body, though I love it dearly, …

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Interview with Stephan Creutzburg- Dutch pin-up photographer

Stephan Creutzburg

Stephan and I met during the Rockabilly Day Belgium. He was there with his photobooth as the only one. Next to the hairdressers and make up stands. We had a long chat, exchanged business cards and decided that we will meet on a set and create something together. Stephan is, luckely, quite busy, so the first available slot I could book was in October. After coming back home I …

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RockALady 2014


I got to know about the RockALady because of the flyer found at the other event. I thought to myself: I have to check it out! I was sure that if the party like that is organized by Rockin Ladies, it must be fantastic. And I am happy to say: I was right! It was an October Sunday’s afternoon. The whole party started at 1 p.m. This is quite …

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