Mother’s Day with Signature-Leuven !

Today more photos than words ;) Thanks to Stephan Creutzburg Photography I had a great pleasure the get in contact with the most amazing, retro-inpired shop in Belgium- Signature-leuven (soon more about them!). Turned out that one of the cities in Belgium- Leuven organizes an extraordinary event to celebrate an International Mother’s Day on the 9th May. One of the main attraction of that day was a Street Fashion …

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“It’s time for women to stop wearing all those black and shapeless clothes, and become a bit more feminine and colourful”- intreview with

Hello my Lovelies! I am sure many time you wonder, who is behind our favourite shops? Who is the heart and the brain, that brings our pin-up/retro dreams into reality? Today I would like to introduce you to Funni is a cute, little shop in Ghent. One of the most beautiful and welcoming cities in Belgium. It is very easy to find and offers an excellent variety of …

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~Shoe Licks~

I love watching BBC’s Dragon’s Den show! Shoe Licks was one of the brands that appeared in a show and caught my eye, as I thought it is a brilliant idea for all shoe lovers! The idea is simple- stickers for your heels! I knew that my sister will come by from London, so I asked her to order 2 different patterns for me. It took me a while, …

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How to find a perfect eyeliner? My looong way to happiness ;)

I think there is something mesmerizing in the action of women putting on the make up. I remember, since I was a little girl I loved looking at my mom, aunts, and later on my friends, while they were making themselves up. I am happy and lucky to have many, wonderful make-up artists in my friends circle. That helps to avoid many simple mistakes and learn new techniques, once …

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Red dress photo story

I never thought I will love cars. Till I sat down in the American 50s car for the first time… Since then I take care of it every day… Changing the oil is my favourite activity. Isn’t it perfect when your dress matches the engine? If you do something, enjoy it! Be happy! Oooops! Less smiling, more checking!!! Now someone has to clean this mess ;)

Czytaj więcej and new shooting with Stephan

I simply love some places in Belgium. One of them is Ghent, a beautiful medieval city. Has its charm of a student city as well as an artistic place. More quiet but open than Brussels. Another reason to love it is retro inspired shops that Ghent has at least few. One of them is Two sisters that have combined their passions into one, magic place, where women can go through …

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Miss February!!!

Yes it is me! I still cannot believe it! I have submit my entry a day before the closing date, not thinking that I have a chance to win with all those amazing women and today I saw this message on FB! They chose my picture out of 33 pictures published on Facebook and many more sent to the Publisher directly! It is my first and I can assure …

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What you don’t know about me: My first photoshoot

It all started in 2008 when I was discovered by pair of fantastic people that I will never say enoough “Thank you” ;) But that is a story for the next time. My first, real photoshoot happened in Kraków, in 2009. Together with Krzysztof Lewiński, the photographer, we decided to be spontaneous and just work with what’s going to come along. As a result I got some really interesting …

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Make Up For Ever Beauty Kit- review

It is still not easy to me, to go back to the normal rhythm after Xmas ;) To stay a little bit longer in this holiday mood I would like to introduce you to one of the gifts I have received for this special occasion- Make Up For Ever Beauty Kit. It is a limited edition of the regular cosmetics that we can find in their shops. They advertise …

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Woody Ellen’s bags. Come in to the world of beauty. Interview with Ellen.

I found out about Woody Ellen ( in The Netherlands, during the Succubusnl Open day. I didn’t plan to buy a bag that day but it was love at first sight! I decided to visit the place where Woody Ellen’s masterpieces are created- her shop in Lovendegem, and buy some more of those amazing bags! I felt like a kid in a candy store! As a result of my …

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