~Shoe Licks~

I love watching BBC’s Dragon’s Den show!
Shoe Licks was one of the brands that appeared in a show and caught my eye, as I thought it is a brilliant idea for all shoe lovers!

The idea is simple- stickers for your heels!
I knew that my sister will come by from London, so I asked her to order 2 different patterns for me.
It took me a while, till I decided to glue them on one of my heels but I am pretty happy with the result and know, that next time, it will go easier.

So, what do we get with the package?
Let’s use the original information from the producer:

Instructions are included and summed up in 3 steps:

So, let’s give it a try!
Here you can see how the stickers look:

And the final result?

Not bad, huh?
Well, some tips for the use:
-you need really, really sharp scissors!
-try to glue the sticker a little bit underneath the platform, so it looks, like the whole sole is in the color you want.
-be careful, cause the sticker is quite fragile and tend to rip.

What do you think?
I think it is definitely worth to try and worth it’s price (£2.99).

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