Cherry goes to Las Vegas!

I have announced it already on Facebook and Instagram and now it is time, to write down the whole story :) Since I was a kid, I knew that you have to dream big and reach for your dreams. No matter how big or small they are, if you believe in yourself and work hard, they will come true! And now, one of my recent dreams is coming true: I will be a …

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~Shoe Licks~

I love watching BBC’s Dragon’s Den show! Shoe Licks was one of the brands that appeared in a show and caught my eye, as I thought it is a brilliant idea for all shoe lovers! The idea is simple- stickers for your heels! I knew that my sister will come by from London, so I asked her to order 2 different patterns for me. It took me a while, …

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Miss February!!!

Yes it is me! I still cannot believe it! I have submit my entry a day before the closing date, not thinking that I have a chance to win with all those amazing women and today I saw this message on FB! They chose my picture out of 33 pictures published on Facebook and many more sent to the Publisher directly! It is my first and I can assure …

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Things you don’t know about me- “New girl”

I discovered this show few months ago. I was sick at home, too tired to read, looking for something that will cheer me up. My boyfriend loves watching TV, I turn it only only when I am very desperate and that was the moment when I stumble upon Zooey Deschanel’s role as Jess. I watched one episode from the 2nd season and I noticed that it made me laugh, …

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Interview with Joyce, the owner of an online store Succubus

succubus online store

Succubus is a shop I stumbled upon by “the accident” while searching for vintage/retro clothes and accessories. I say by accident because my reasearch was focused on Belgium not The Netherlands, where Succubus is based. When I saw the range they had I coudln’t resist myself and ordered few items. The thing you must know about me is: I hate shopping online! My body, though I love it dearly, …

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