This summer´s must have!

The summer is in a full bloom, holiday mood is in the air, what can add a cherry on a top of this cake?
I have an answer to that and it is: Marine Skirt from Natabo.
The marine style will never go out of fashion but it is nice to add a personal twist to it.

This skirt is incredibly flattering, comfortable and has pockets!
I took it for our trip to Croatia and it was a real head turner!
I have gotten plenty of compliments and was asked where did I buy it.

I paired it with stripped top and flat shoes, red belt, my fav vintage purse, sweet anchor brooch (from Glitter Paradise) and matching earrings.
I did not wear any petticoat underneath, as I thought it keeps it´s shape pretty well without (plus it was too hot for additional layers ;) )

Add to it red lips and a sea scenery… perfection in its best ;)
It was a great holiday outfit and I am happy I will be able to use it again very soon ;)

I said that previously about Natabo´s skirts and I will repeat it again: the way it holds your waist is absolutely amazing!

It is a half circle skirt with pleats, made of 100% cotton, printed fabric.
Has an invisible zipper and a button on a side and, as I mentioned: pockets (yes, we all love skirts with pockets <3). On top of that, as in every creation that comes out of Ania´s hands there is a special button that helps to keep it in place. This time it is a cute, small shell. Isn´t it super cute?

The hem, inside is finished with a white bias tape that gives this skirt a real finish feeling.

I must admit that those details really make you see how much effort Natabo puts into her design.

Each detail is thought through for the finish product to look exquisite!

This dress is available on Etsy, >>>CLICK HERE<<< and retails for 42€, which I think is very reasonable price for such a pretty piece of clothing.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Sweet kisses,

Powiadom o
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