The three colours on my face.

After what happened in Paris, Facebook turned into a pot full of hate.
And I do not mean a religion or current situation with people changing their locations, for all the reasons in the world.

I am talking about French flags that popped on peoples faces.

All of a sudden the wave of hate started to hit towards everyone who changed their profile picture in this way.

All of a sudden, people think that other people NEED to be taught about other conflicts that are happening in the world and asked why didn’t you change the flag for this or this country?

All of a sudden some people think they can patronize other people just because of their harmless act.

Well…let me ask you:
Do I spread hate for you not to change it?
Do I call you a frozen, heartless bastard?
Do I write articles where I explain everybody why you should do it?

So what gives you right to tell me what and how should I behave in this tough, beyond understanding and scary situation?!

I will not explain myself, cause I see no need to do so.
If I have added those colours on my face, that means I had a reason to do so.
We can talk about it but I will not convince you, to change your picture.

So don’t take away my freedom of expression, cause this is how problems start.
People should be left alone, as long as they do no harm or try to persuade others to do the same.
No matter if we talk about religion, way of dressing or FB profile pictures!

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