[EN/PL] One year in Poland/Rok w Polsce

Exactly one year ago, we took all our stuff plus two cats and started travelling to Kraków, to change our lives completely. There is so many things that happened over the past 12 months, that thinking of it makes me dizzy :D But I will summarize it later. First I would like to tell you the reason we decided to leave Belgium. It is going to be a loooong …

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[EN/PL] Let’s Flamingle! Viva outfit: Day 2

One of the goals I set before the trip to Vegas, was to take as many Polish designers in my suitcase, as possible ;) Today I would like to talk to you about two of them: the clothing company and the jewelry designer. Jednym z celów mojej wycieczki do Vegas było promowanie polskich twórców. Mamy tyle niesamowicie utalentowanych osób w kręgach retro, że trzeba ich zachwalać także poza granicami …

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