Goodbye Belgium!

It is my last day In Brussels.

It is such a mix of emotions. I have been in Belgium for over 5 years.

I am happy to leave and sad at the same time.

Happy, cause I am going back home. There are people that I love waiting for me and places that are close to my heart…

Sad, because of leaving all those wonderful people behind.

Some of you I met only few times, some of you feel like family to me…but you all made a great impact on my life and I will never forget that!

So today I would like to say thank you, merci, dank je to all and to each of you!

I could’ve not asked for a better experience that I had here!

It was an amazing time thanks to you:

Stephan Creutzburg your great support, help that I have received from you and all the recommendations that connected me with the other retro-lovers made me realize, that this is the path I want to go. Our first shoot made me feel alive again and helped me find my place in this chocolate country ;)

I will never forget where my beginning is and I truly hope we will work together again (if not in Belgium then in Poland)!!

James – thank you for your enthusiasm, passion and power that you share with us!

Thank you for making me your official model for the 15th Anniversary of your Baby-Rockabilly Day Belgium and letting me enter your magic tiki- garage world ! I am sure we say goodbye each other for a short time ;)

Woody Ellen – there is not enough words to express how grateful I am, Ellen, that I met you!

You are an angel that walks among us, to show us what being a beautiful person really means! I will miss you dearly!

Signature-Leuven – Ilke thank you for making me a part of your amazing show! I really enjoyed each time we met. I will miss you and beautiful shop!

– Rosita, your professionalism, sense of humour and the way you see women through your lenses is a great inspiration! I have learnt so much from you and am forever grateful that I could work with you!
Acid Doll

– Tea, you are simply breath-taking, in every way!

Your beauty, class and elegance mixed with the Slavic blood, hard work and passion, make you a Dynamite-Woman and a great example for us all!
Thank you for being such a humble, gentle soul that do not fear to share her knowledge and experience with others! You make me believe that there are still wonderful people out there, who by staying themselves, reach the stars!
Thank you for pushing me towards the goals and for the recommendations! <3
I cannot wait to see you and hug you again! And to show you my homeland <3
Thank you to Jeroen and Manuel for this unique experience that we had. You both captured me in a way I have never seen before!

Frances Folies – Fraukje, you are undobtly the biggest Pin-Up MUAH inspiration that I have met!

I love your positive attitude and openness! I am sure our paths will cross again to create some magic!

Ginger Heartbreaker- Magali, our paths crossed so many times that I am sure they will again! Thank you for your smile, great energy and all the support! May the Flamingo be with you :D <3

Vintage Vollies – Sofie, what can I write? You are a dream maker and I feel like I am leaving a sister here with a great hope, that she will visit me soon!

Swannee – You are simply one of the most awesome people I have met here! Thank you for all! Your big heart, amazing talent, all the coffees that we drank together, all the laughs, car rides and the Rusty Nut’s Charity Event!

I am sure your star will shine soon! See you soon my Sista from another Mista! <3 – Ladies, you are simply awesome! I love your passion for life and fashion! I love your mission to make world colourful again and I am sure you will succeed it! Thank you for all the moments we had together and help for the shoots! Thank you for making me a living commercial of your shop! <3 See you soon at the fairs in Krakow and till then: stay flamingos!!! <3

Kajko – my Polish accent on the Belgian map <3 Dziekuje Ci Kochana za nasza wspolno prace i za piekne zdjecia! Mam nadzieje,ze odwiedzisz mnie po wiecej ! Sciskam Cie mocno!!!

Pinned Up
– Peter I am grateful not only for the photos we did together but also for making our dreams come true ! If it wasn’t for you, our invitations would not have been as great! <3 I hope you will not put your camera down and impress us with more amazing works!

They are not Belgians, but Breda is so close, that I decided to make a shout-out for you guys here too: Rene and Bert! Thank you for all those amazing photos and locations! You blew my mind !
Bert- waiting for you in Krakow! :D
Ana Von Rosa, Laura and all the finalists and supporters of the Los Ama´s Festival! That was the best way to finish my stay in your beautiful coutry! <3
Last but not least THANK YOU to all my fans that I have met here and anyone who has supported me during this time !

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