#OOTD Viva Las Vegas 2017

Viva is now just a sweet dream but the amount of photos and videos we took will keep me busy for good few weeks ;)

Today I would like to show you what I have packed in my suitcase for Viva.
I must admit, packing for this trip was tricky, cause we were supposed to travel for almost three weeks, so I could´ve not taken everything I wanted ;)

Few months before the Weekender I met with Sofie from Vintage Vollies, as I wanted her to design and create the hair pieces for me.
I have sent her all the dresses I had in mind to take, and then we met up to discuss the details.

I must say her work exceeded my expectations! I was over the moon when I saw the final products!

Lets start with the outfit number 1 from Thursday. The weather was really, really hot, so I wanted to put on something that was light and comfy, as I knew I will spend a whole afternoon without a chance to change.
I picked this cotton Lime dress. It made me feel and look fresh for the entire day :)
The choice of shoes was pretty simple as well: wedges. They let you stay on your feet the whole day without getting this tiredness you experience with heels. On top of that they matched my purse perfectly ;)
I wanted to keep my hair up, because of the heat and wind that we had that day! Additionally the flower crown that Sofie made, went really well with the updo!

Hair piece: Vintage Vollies

Dress: Hearts and Roses
Belt and petticoat: Hell Bunny
Handbag: Vintage from Palyclothes Los Angeles
Shoes: Deichmann

Gloves are vintage
Bangles and umbrella: No name

That evening we were running like crazy from one place to the other, so I didn´t have time to change for the dinner. I just put on Collectif´s cardigan over the dress and changed the shoes to flat Miss L-Fire. Here with Lady Lipstick after the delicious dinner!

Friday was the start of the ´real Viva´, so in the morning I put on the ´Cherry´outfit ;) to calm down my nerves before the fashion show. I wanted my inner Cherry to bloom fully.
I have changed 4 times during that day, so here we go with the outfit nr 1 the Cherries:

Hair piece: Vintage Vollies

Dress and bolero: Vivien of Holloway
Petticoat: Hell Bunny
Shoes: Deichmann

Outfit nr 2 was nothing else but the dress that I have worn for the Prettie Lanes Fashion Show.
Cotton dress with vintage accessories and my own Ruby Shoo shoes:

After the Fashion Show I have changed for the Pin-Up Meet and Greet.
I wanted something more sparkly, so the sateen dress from Lindy Bop seems right. I matched it again with the Miss L-Fire shoes (they were a great hit during that weekend! I have never received so many compliments about the shoes :D), they are just soo comfy I could wear them all the time!
Here with the fantastic Cherry Dollface:

Hair piece: Vintage Vollies

Handbag: Woody Ellen                  
Bangle: Splendette

Last time I changed before the Burlesque Show.
I felt like seeing Dita requires a bit more glam.
I chose the black embroidered pencil dress that I have paired with the Lucite handbag, vintage gloves, black faux fur, black sandals and red rose clip.

Dress: The Pretty Dress Company
Handbag: Vintage from Charleston Antique Mall
Shoes: Dancing Days by Banned
Hair flower: Vintage Vollies

My outfit was noticed and complimented by Brittany Jean from Perfectly Pinned Up blog , so she captured it and featured it on her blog, as one of the favorites from Viva! <3 You can see the whole post here: >>>CLICK<<<

The next day I knew that I will be outside most of the day, so I wanted to wear comfortable, summery dress.
The choice was between 2 dresses from The Pretty Dress Company and finally I picked the mint one (unavailable at the website atm).

Here with El Pachuco:

Shoes: Dancing Days by Banned
Bangles: Mix vintage and Splendette
Flower crown: Vintage Vollies
Handbag: Collectif Clothing

The next day was Tiki theme.
I felt amazing in this Lindy Bop dress with a matching bolero.
Unfortunately I had no flowers from Vintage Vollies to match, so I just improvised ;)
Again I wore the shoes from Miss L Fire. There is just nothing more comfy than them!

Here with Vintage Vandal:

Bangles are vintage. Bamboo from Relic Vintage San Francisco
Earrings: vintage
Handbag: Vintage from Playclothes Los Angeles.

Those are all the outfits I wore during Viva.
Hope you enjoyed it!

Powiadom o
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