Turaco Livingstone goes organized!

Today a quick post with few pictures.
My hubby gets more and more gentleman´s accessories that end up in boxes, on shelves or my vanity stand (!!!), so he decided to get organized! Yeeey! Let´s cheer a bit to glorify this moment!

Turaco loves boxes! It is a weird obsession but hey, we all have those things that makes us squeak ;)
So naturally he decided to use a box to collect all his treasures in one spot.

The box he used was bought by me few years back and was used by the artist as a packaging for a lamp. So we kept it, cause we both thought it was cool and never used it since (yes, this is how hoarding starts :p).

To make it prettier he recycled his old shirt and my old gold material that he glued on the pieces of cardboard and onto the box afterwards.

Then he used the old wooden boxes that we bought ties in, to separate the spaces.
The only thing that was new were two jewelry displays like this:

the rest was re-used, which I am very proud of!

The final result looks like this:

Finally everything has its place and I do not find cufflinks all over the house !

I hope you enjoyed this quick post!


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