Viva Las Vegas Pin-Up Contest

Today is THE DAY, when the finalists of the biggest and most prestigious Pin-Up contest in the world will be announced! Miss Viva Las Vegas Pin-Up Contest! Clicking on it you can see all those gorgeous Ladies !

I would lie, if I said I am not thrilled and impatient!
I am super excited and cannot wait to see for whom I will cheer in Vegas!

Why did I enter?
There is many of reasons.
I wanted to end this 2016 that was not overall super positive (I almost died in a terrorist attack and was stuck in the office twice, cause of the terrorist threat, without food and phone reception), with something smashing, so I entered the contest last minute in December ;)

Another thing was to definitely kill this ´Polish side´ that still now, blocks me sometimes: you are just a girl from a small town, from a country that did not exist on a map of Europe for 120 years at some point, ex-fat girl that was bullied at school, cause my boobs were big since I turned 10 ;)

The Ladies that entered are not only from the States, they are from all over the world!
I am the only one coming from Poland and I hope I will open the door for the others :)

I want to show Polish girls (or Easter girls in general), that they have to dream big!
No matter what this dream is they have to DARE and reach for it!
Once you try, you are already a winner!
No matter the result, you won over your fears, boundaries that the society/family/friends/ourselves put around us during our life.

What this month has thought me?
There is a special group on Facebook, for all the contestants that have entered.
Reading their stories, seeing pictures and how they interact with each other made me feel home and warm inside!
Made me feel, like despite the fact that this world has gone crazy, there are people that still care about the others, can lift one another and even open their houses to strangers!
Despite the fact, that we have different backgounds, nationalities, believes and upbringings, we can get united and support each other beautifully without judgments or jealousy! I love it!
I am even more excited to meet all those girls IRL than I am to see the results :D

I am also absolutely blown away by the amount of work and support the organizers have put into this! You can have even the silliest question to ask and they will reply to it!

I am really proud of all those gorgeous women that dared to take the step forward and created this fantastic virtual family!

Love you all and wish you all the best of luck and successes in this New Year!


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