Retro week Krakow´s style part 1

My trip was supposed to be filled with only one retro-related event: Kogel Mogel retro/vintage fair and turned up to be way more than that!

Today a bit about the first burlesque show that I saw in Poland and Hairstyling workshops with a very special lady!

Poland and the way the cultural scene is growing, makes me super happy.
November´s visit in my favorite Polish city- Krakow was full of excitement and retro!

Everything started with my best friend Jovanka and a new spot on an entertainment map of this magical city- Mercy Brown and a burlesque show.
It is a hidden bar, that works only with reservations.
To get inside, you need to wait at the door of a different place and then you are guided by a butler through a backdoor, stairs and hallways, to finally enter Mercy Brown.
I must admit this was an unique experience for me. I know no other place in Poland or Belgium that does that. Do you?

We were greeted with a welcome drink and bottle of champagne. Ideal beginning of a girly evening!

What blew me away were the cocktails, especially the ones with the cigar´s smoke! Real pleasure for the eyes and mouth! Must try, once you visit them!

The burlesque surprised me as well. After seeing Dita Von Teese my expectations are quite high ;)
But I must admit that the choreography, music, visual aspects of a show that Miss Cool Cat presented were what I expect to see on stage!
Absolutely the top performance! Hope to see more of her in a future!

Here some pictures and videos from that night:

I love retro hairstyles so much but they always trouble me. I find that the tutorials that are available on YouTube are never fully explaining the complexity of the styling.
On top of that my hair are not easy to operate with, as they are super thin and not that dense.
Said that I knew I have to find a person, that will teach me one-to-one how to achieve those sleek, well groomed hairdos.
What a big surprised it was, when noone else but the best Polish PinUp Model and photographer – Rockagirl contacted me, saying that she is just starting to teach the retro hairdos and if I want, we can meet up, once I am in Krakow and learn how to do a style of my choice!
I went for the most common style of the 50s and as turned out, one of the most demanding- Pageboy.

Maja started the workshops by preparing my hair, explaining the difference between the products, rollers vs curlers and way of setting your hair.
Then she showing me on herself how to do Pageboy step by step.
Watching this girl and her professional moves made me realized how little I know about hairdressing! I really admire all those people, who have the talent and patience to style their or others hair!
Once Rockagirl finished, it was my time to take over the brushes.

I will not tell you it was easy or that I did it all by myself, cause that would be a lie.
But experiencing on yourself each step is a real way to understand the basics and learn how to manipulate your hair to get a desired result.
The last step required some cruelty (me not talking for few minutes!) but it was worth it ;)

I am very, very pleased with the way it turned out and the guidance that Maja provided me with during those workshops.

It was a real hard working afternoon filled with knowledge and fun :)

And here a huge thank you to Jovanka for allowing us to use her apartment for those long hours :*
If struggle, just like me, I recommend you to find a person that is a professional hairdresser, to teach you step by step how to tame those amazing hairstyles!


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