Irresistible Me- hair extensions review

I was always curious about the hair extensions.
I know that a lot of celebrities and hair dressers are using them do add length and volume.

Wedding is a good excuse to buy all sorts of the stuff, so after my consultation with the hairdresser, we decided that she will use some for my wedding hairdo.

I looked up many companies and finally decided to go with the Irresistible Me , as they have reasonable prices and choice of colours.
You have a choice of 12 colours, 5 different kinds of clip-in extensions, 3 different weights (100g, 140g and 200g) and 6 different lengths from 14″ till 24″.

I assumed, that the colour that will match my hair the best is Ash Blonde, so I ordered:

Silky Ash Blonde (#10)
Length: 16 inches
Weight Option: 200g

I can tell you right away that 200g, unless you have a lot of your own hair, is way too much!

Once the package came I was very impatient to open it up and try them on!

So I did and found that there was more in it than I expected.

I have recorded a whole video from the unpacking, so you can see it below or on my YouTube channel: The PinUp Room.

In this post I just wanted to summarize all the + and – of this purchase.

Let´s start with the pluses:

• the amount of hair that is in a box,
• super fast shipping (less than a week from the US to Europe),
• the colour matches my hair perfectly, no need to dye it,
• possibility to check, if the colour is a good match without opening the whole pack (there is a small hair sample, that you open first),
• possibility to send it back, if the colour doesn´t match,
• additional clips (in case some get broken),
• quick way to extend the hair and they do make a difference with the volume.

Now the minuses:
• the hair are super tangled once taken out of the box,
• once brushed, there is a lot of hair staying on a brush,
• even without brushing there is a significant hair-loos (they seem to fall out constantly),
• one of the clips was already broken, when I just took it out of the box,
• they are very heavy to wear,
• some of the pieces were badly cut and you can see the difference in the levels,
• there were threads visible among the hair.

Overall I do not regret buying it, though I do not think I will use them a lot, but at least I had a chance to check it for myself, what does it mean to wear them.

Hope you will find this review helpful!

Love and kisses,

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