“Real women have curves” ?

Recently I posted a short video of a curvy, beautiful lady from a lingerie show.
What we can see is a confident lady, rocking the stage, she´s on.

One of my fans, nota bene: beautiful lady herself, commented: ´Just glad you didn’t call them “real women´´. (…)Calling some “skinny” and other synonyms is as offensive as calling some “fat”. ´

And I fully agree with it!
I have an impression that on this battle for curvy ladies, we forgot that while trying to protect one side, we often hurt the other.
I really see that we do talk too little about this issue!

For years I was bullied for how I look. My boobs exploded to size D when I was only 12 years old and continued to grow afterwards!
So I got years of comments from boys and girls at school, simply cause I looked different.
Not only because of the boob size but in general. I never wanted to ´fit in´, as I felt this is not a REAL ME, and that comes with the price.

I still remember saying to my mom: ´Once I am 18, I will go for the boob reduction surgery!´.
That was my idea of a remedy to make my life easier and better.

I am way over 18 now and the surgery never happened ;)
What happened is: I started accepting myself the way I am and loving my body the way it is.

And I can tell you that it wasn´t men who helped me during this process, as they are blinded by those ´perfect´ women from magazines too.
It was women that I met during belly dance classes and afterwards through my personal/professional life.

And they weren´t curvy or skinny. They were all kind of sizes, skin colours, heights.
What they had in common though is a real, healthy relationship with their body and love and respect towards other women.
They thought me that a real woman is exactly that: loving, caring, confided and respectful person, who cares about the others as much, as she cares about herself.

She doesn´t bring you down just because you are skinnier, curvier or whatever than her.
She doesn´t rip your dress apart at the party, cause you wear the same one, but takes pictures with you and laughs that you both have amazing taste.
She doesn´t try to be perfect, just enjoys being herself.

One day I just realized that I am the only one who will live my life. So I decided to stop worrying about what other people have to say and started following my own path.
I have never looked back with regrets since.

It doesn´t matter if you are size 0 or 22, as long as you are beautiful person on the inside, you are beautiful on the outside. As long as you love, care and cherish the body you are in, you are beautiful!
It is all in our minds not sizes!

And once you are lost on your path, like many women were before you and many will after you remember one thing: It´s not the kilograms that we are missing! It is the genuine support from other women! Sometimes since the moment we are born.

Luckily there are those beautiful souls out there who shout the same, as me:
#NoToBodyShame #BodyLoveProject


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