Beach body part one

Every body is a beach body but does that mean it is easy to find a nice, comfortable swimwear that you will feel like a Goddess in?

No, it is not. I have at least 5 different sets of bikinis, that will never be worn by me again, after I discovered what a real fit means.

I know it is the end of September and for most of us summer is starting to be a blur memory but I want to heat up the atmosphere a little bit more for few more day and share with you reviews of 2 different swimwear from 2 different companies.

Today SwimSuitsForAll, an American website that offers wide range of bikinis/tankinis/once piece swimsuits in all the colours and sizes you can imagine.

My eyes were caught by the Sexy Red Darling Dot Plus Size Halter Bikini and matching Plus Size High Waist Bottoms.

I have ordered top in a size 16 and bottom in 14.
The price together with the shipping to Belgium was less than 50 dollars and the package arrived after a week!

Once I got it in my hands I was super excited to get it out of the plastic envelope (yes, the packaging is not very thrilling) and tried it on.

Turned out that both bottom and top fit me so-so.
The problem I always have with the tops is: when the cup fits, the band is too loose. That was the case here as well.

Bottom was too big at the waist as well.

I decided to keep it anyways as I love the colour and this season, it was not that easy to find some nice retro-inspired bikinis, so I made it work by wrapping the excess material of the bottom in and tying the straps of the top :)

The result was pleasantly comfortable and was holding my curves in one place!

The material has a really nice feel and is quite stretchy, so don´t be scared to size down.
Cups of the top are made of a foam and hold your boobs in place, even if you move a lot during the day.

I do not like halter neck bras that much but I must admit that this one is really comfortable and after the whole day of wearing it, I did not feel pain on my neck.

Overall 3/5 stars

and 5/5 for the service of swimsuitsforall!


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