Sheet masks- Korean vs French product.

I must admit, that I am pretty lazy and adding steps to my daily beauty routine, usually ends up with buying a new product, using it few times and then throwing it away.
As you can imagine, the house budget suffers with this kind of actions, so I rather stick to my – de-makeup, clean, tone, cream ritual.

This time I thought the result will be similar, so I tried to do it, as cheap as possible.
I read about sheet masks on the Hello Giggles portal (link to the article: >>here<<) and it intrigued me so much, that I decided to order them and see, if they are really THAT AMAZING!

I decided to try 3 different ones: kiwi, green tea and a cucumber.

My skin is super sensitive and dry, so the effect I was looking for was a deep moisturized, soft and glowing skin, with no redness or burning feeling.

The producer- Innisfree promises that:
°Kiwi mask will leave the skin smooth and clear
°Green tea- moisturized to deep inside
°Cucumber- plentiful moisture for dry skin

The package contains one, cotton sheet mask covered in 3 layers of freshly squeezed juice from plants, vitamins, and other natural ingredients.
No animal ingredients, colorants or parfume.

The first time I opened the package I was surprised with the amount of liquid that was inside. Except for the mask that is covered in it, there is plenty in the package itself (as I read afterwards, you can use it for the neck and decollete, no wastes! ).

How to use it?
Clean your skin, tone it and then put the sheet mask on.
The producer recommends to leave it on your face 10-20 min but as read in the article above, Korean ladies, leave them on for the entire night, using them even every day!

I started slowly, with the kiwi mask for 15min, just to see, how my sensitive skin will react to it.
I was pleasantly surprised with the smell and freshness, that hit me, the moment I covered myself in it.
I used the rest of the juice on my neck.
After 15 minutes I took the mask of and gently pat (always pat, not rub, to prevent the skin form damaging-wrinkles) the rest in.

Once the product was absorbed I could truly feel the difference!
My face was soft like after a visit in a spa!
And that was in February! Since then I use them at least once a week.

Encouraged by the results I told all my friends about this magic sheet and one of my friends brought me a French version, so I was super excited to try it on!

Producer says that it is a Detox mask, without silicone or parabens that will leave the skin relaxed, hydrated without redness and fatigue-look.
The package contains a sheet mask,covered in 2 different layers- some sort of plastic foil and yellow,cotton one.

The smell that came out of the package was not very natural or welcoming. Very chemical.
And there was no excess liquid.

This mask should be used on a clean face and toned after using it for 10 minutes. So different way than the Koran one.

But I thought to myself I will give it a try anyways. I unfolded it, took of the plastic layer off and place it on my face.

Did not even have time to take the yellow one off, as my face started burning !
I do not remember the pain like that on my face since, let me think, ever!
I washed my face instantly and decided to stick to the ones made in Korea!

I did not compare the ingredients but I am pretty sure that parfumes, chlorphenesin (centrally acting muscle relaxant-whaaat???), Maltodextrin (used usually in soft drinks and candy), Potassium sorbate (replacement for parabens), citric acid and Sodium benzoate (also used in fireworks) that are used in the French product are not helping my sensitive skin to feel good!

For more Korean goodies visit Soko Glam website:

Sweet kisses,

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