Zagreb´s Pin-Up Scene and opening of the Polyboy Barber Shop.

Last year on my trip to Croatia I had a very short photoshoot with one of the best Zagreb´s photographers: Jasenka.
Before arriving in Croatia I had a quick e-mail exchange with one of the most inspiring Pin Up models of our time- Greta MaCabre and we set the date for a quick coffee once I arrive in the capital city after the trip to Dalmatia.
We spent together very nice afternoon and I cannot express enough how pleasently surprised I was with both Jasenka and Greta.
Gentle, humble, beautiful souls!

We kept in contact since and when I knew that I will be visiting Zagreb again, I contacted Greta and we set a date to meet up.
Turned out that she was a host at the opening of a new barber shop, just next to one of the best rockabilly places in Zagreb – Bikers Beer Factory.
Not thinking long, I decided to join her there and see with my own eyes how the rockabilly/pin up scene look in Croatia ;)

Once again I was really happy with the choice, as the atmosphere, people, food and band were all fantastic!
On top of that, turned out that all the Croatian Pin Up stars were there, so I had a chance to say hello to all the ladies, that I admire on a regular basis: Miss Bo , Tamara Kamikaze , Moni Le Fleur , Miss Anomalia Wylde and of course Greta MaCabre herself !
Except for the models I have met a clothing designer and many barbers/hairdressers and had a chance to listen to JOHNNY AND HIS ROCKIN’ TUNES .

It was an experience, that I would definitely want to repeat and will plan my next visit in Zagreb soon !
Be sure to get a haircut at Polypus hair studio and visit the BBFactory once you are visiting this amazing city!
Now I leave you with some photos from the event :)


Sweet kisses,

Powiadom o
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