The 50s Relooking

It has been already some time, since I took part in this event but would like to share with you my impressions.

You can find all the details at the end of this post.

The idea is brilliant!
You set a date in a great location, you bring the most retro looking clothes possible, you hire a Make Up Artist and Hairdresser and you start looking for people, willing to pay for this experience.

Lady that is organizing it, is a photographer, so that makes it even easier :)

We have arrived to the venue just at the end of the previous appointment. From the beginning you could see the wide range of clothes, shoes and hair accessories and cute gift bags that were given to us at the end of the shooting with a printed out picture, framed.
Very nice idea as well!

The whole appointment is very intimate. There was just one person working on the make up and one for the hair. Therefore being on time, was pretty crucial.

While my face was getting done, another lady came by and while I was getting all made up, she was choosing her outfit. After all was applied on my face, she sat in my spot and I moved to the hair magic maker.

It is kinda funny if you think about it and seems like a small retro-inspired factory in a constant move, but it works, as it should and I haven’t seen anyone complaining about it ;)

The photo-shoot was very nice as well. The location provided few different spots, arranged with the real vintage chairs, kitchen equipment, etc.

So the overall experience was pleasant.

I loved the hair that this amazing man has created on my head (my hair are like the most difficult to work with for the retro inspired hairdos, not only thin as paper but straight).
He was the most gentle person, that I have ever experienced in my life! If I was getting married in Belgium or France, I would def ask him to do take care of me on the wedding day :)

The downside in my opinion was the make up.
Having a sister in law that is a master in this art, my expectations are pretty high and I can recognize a good make up artist right away by the way she applies the simplest things like foundation.
In this case my eyebrows weren’t even touched (where this is the crucial element for the retro make-up), my fake eyelashes were not glued properly (which you can see it on a pictures, unfortunately), no highlights/blush on my cheeks, which made the face pretty flat.

I have already talked to the organizer about it, so I am sure she will choose a better person next time :)

In the end, I can really recommend this for people, that are new in the retro scene, or would like to have a great souvenir and day full of fun!
The prices are very reasonable for what you get, so it will not destroy your budget!
Check their new dates and locations here: The50s relooking and have fun!

Dress: The Pretty Dress Company
Shoes: Banned
Make up Bérénice Pepe
Hair Fabien Devienne Pro
Photo: Ophélie Nicole Photography
Location : Le Vintage Tattoo Bar, Béthune, France

Sweet kisses,

Powiadom o
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