Cassiaramone- where the magic happens and how Cherry Bee was born.

I think Internet is one of the best things that people have created!
I am always amazed how many beautiful things are made by creative minds.
Already among my friends I have so many unique, talented creatures!
Body painters, actors, photographers, painters, make up artists, models, dancers, musicians, graphic designers, wood sculptures…and many, many more.
I consider myself so lucky being surrounded by all those artistic souls!
But not a lot of them could fulfil my dream of a beautiful logo for my Pin-Up pages and YouTube channel.

So I started searching and stumbled upon Cassiaramone.
She is a Polish artist with an absolutely unique style. Her works stand out in a crowd instantly! And it is very easy to recognize her among others!

One of the works that really attracted me to her was a drawing of The Vintage Doll! Isn’t it amazing? The Vintage Doll herself loved it! <3

So we started chatting via Facebook about my idea.
How relieved I was, when she said YES!

Here maybe a short digression, I should explain a bit about how Cherry Bee was born, so you can understand the idea behind the logo.
Ever since I saw sakura tree in bloom I could not stop thinking about cherry trees, and planning that one day, I will walk through the Japanese garden, and the little white-pink petals will fly all over me. Magical festival of nature.
As much as I love looking at the snowflakes falling down in a winter, I could never enjoy it fully, cause I am not a bit fun of cold.
But cherry tree snowflakes! That’s a completely different story!

So now, the first part is revealed! My love for cherry trees made me choose the first part of my nickname ;)
The second part is as simple as the first one- I love bees, I love honey, candle made of bees’ wax and their shape/colours. Plus imagine a bee on a sakura tree! Is there anything more beautiful than that? Not for me!

Shortly after I contacted Cassiaramone I stated getting first drafts of her ideas for my logo. I must admit I was blown away right there but after few correction we arrived at the point where my jaw dropped and I said: THAT’S IT!
So, I can proudly present you today Cherry Bee by Cassiaramone.

What do you think my Lovelies?

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