How I discovered why I love Lauren Bacall so much- “By Myself and Then Some”

I started my journey with the Read with Cherry videos (see my youtube channel mentioned below), which motivates me to read more ;)
Today i reached for the book I bought some time ago and was walking around it since then.

It happens to me a lot, I am so excited about a book that i cannot start it, thinking that the words,stories I will find in it are not as wonderful, as I imagined they will be.
Silly, I know but I always fantasize about the book, before I open it.
So I dare today and opened it, just to realize that I can relate to so many things that are described in it!
This time I took a small notebook, to write down all the inspirational thoughts and facts that I find interesting.

Lauren Bacall or Betty Joan Perske, was a daughter of Polish and Romanian Jews.
Since she was a child, she wanted to be an actress.
And all the struggles she went through to reach this goal…
The dreams about meeting the stars, being on a stage, taking classes…

Oh, I see myself doing the same when I was her age…
I still remember Autumn 15 years ago, when I started my high school, and coming back from the first theater workshops I had with one of the Polish actors.

I was floating 20 cm above the ground out of happiness. I felt so complete and that the whole world just opened up for me.

That was amazing 4 years on stage, that I will never forget.

Who knows, maybe if my parents took my passion a little bit more serious, as her mom did, I would be writing to you from the different place now ;)

But more to come in my video review. Stay tuned!


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