How to find a perfect eyeliner? My looong way to happiness ;)

I think there is something mesmerizing in the action of women putting on the make up.
I remember, since I was a little girl I loved looking at my mom, aunts, and later on my friends, while they were making themselves up.
I am happy and lucky to have many, wonderful make-up artists in my friends circle.
That helps to avoid many simple mistakes and learn new techniques, once they try on their tricks on my face ;)

It is not a surprise that I love cat-eye look.
My first attempts to this art of painting on your own face, were fully dedicated to the black eyeliners.
I remember my first line I draw…It was almost as thick as my eyelid!
It gets better with time and practise, but till now I cannot say that I have mastered it, and happens quite often, that my left eye looks different than the right one and I have to adjust one to the other.
Well, retro lovers troubles ;)

For many years I was searching for the perfect eyeliner.
Since I turned 15 I was loyal to one brand: the black eyeliner, pencil, from Miss Claire. It worked perfectly plus is waterproof!

Unfortunately it is not easy to get it outside my hometown, so I had to start my research again.
And this is what I want to talk about today with the illustrations on my face ;)

To test all of them I draw a line on my eyelid, left it for 1 minute and went over it with my finger. This is how I always check if the make up will be lasting for the whole day and is waterproof ;)
So let’s start with Make Up For Ever.
As you can see on a picture I use it quite intensively ;)

So let’s go and test it!

And the result:

As you can see, there is no trace of the pencil underneath the line.

Let’s go over now to the Maybelline. It is a liquid eyeliner in a shape of a very thin marker.

And the result after my long-lasting test:

As you can see, there is a black ‘shadow’ underneath the liner. Additionally my eyes are itching after using it.
It is quite surprising, as usually I do not get any allergic reactions.
So Maybelline is a no no for me.

The next one on a plate: Bourjois.
It is a marker as well. A little bit thicker though than Maybelline.

Did it pass the test?

Check for yourself:

I am not happy with the result at all.

The last one is another liquid eyeliner that I have discovered thanks to my best friend. I have never heard of this company before, so was not very convinced to reach for it.


It has a very thin brush, which makes it very easy to work with.

And how did it pass the test?

It stayed untouched!

I think you know my favourites by now ;)

Liquid eyeliner is still quite tricky for me, so daily I use a pencil and Pease is dedicated to special ocassions.

What about your favourite ways of getting the perfect cat eye?

Kisses my sweet Gals and Boys :*

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