The 50s Relooking

It has been already some time, since I took part in this event but would like to share with you my impressions. You can find all the details at the end of this post. The idea is brilliant! You set a date in a great location, you bring the most retro looking clothes possible, you hire a Make Up Artist and Hairdresser and you start looking for people, willing …

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Zagreb´s Pin-Up Scene and opening of the Polyboy Barber Shop.

Last year on my trip to Croatia I had a very short photoshoot with one of the best Zagreb´s photographers: Jasenka. Before arriving in Croatia I had a quick e-mail exchange with one of the most inspiring Pin Up models of our time- Greta MaCabre and we set the date for a quick coffee once I arrive in the capital city after the trip to Dalmatia. We spent together very …

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